Client Assurance Protection Plan

Why Maintenance?:

Maintaining equipment is no different then maintaining your car. Its vital. The way the maintenance benefits you is by keeping your parts running under the least amount of stress as possible. By removing dirt and debris we free up those parts and reduce the strain on them.

*This reduces your energy consumption which usually pays for the maintenance.

*A good side benefit is extending the service life of the unit. Usually we can extend your equipment's service life by 60%.

*Of course the greatest benefit of all is ensuring your unit continues to operate Safely.

*Ensuring a consistent operation so you never experience a problem.

*Never an overtime charge

*15% off recommended repairs

*Preferential scheduling during peak times

*Maintain your new systems manufacturer warrantee

Problems are easy to correct but the damage they can cause on other items can cause a snowball effect. Be sure you and your family stay protected by enrolling in our monthly recurring payment plan.