Solar Attic - The Low Cost Way To Heat Pools

This computer engineered high capacity heat absorption system transforms attic solar energy via a patented water coil heat exchange unit. The Maximizer automatically converts your cooler pool water into warmer swimming pool water.

  • Energy efficient 3 row copper tube aluminum fin heat transfer coil
  • Five-blade air-handling fan
  • Micro-electronic control system
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • Standard thermistor centers
    • Temperature sensor status indicators
  • Motorized CPVC solar valve
  • Automatic drain down freeze protection

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Model IDModel NamePool Size Max
Sq. Ft / Gal.
Input MBH
@35Fd dT
Volts - Amps
Water Flow
Rate GPM
28797pcs31000 - 3500060.028x24x48142120 - 4.562215 - 65
  • Limited 36 month warranty form installation date