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"This company may need some more workers, and better communication. I had a very difficult time scheduling work. I was being told that a person was coming out to do certain aspects of the job at a certain time, but then different people show up and do something completely different at up to 2-3 hours later than scheduled. I am not sure how there are so many reviews saying they showed up on time, because it never happened here. The electric bill is higher now after having a "more efficient" heat pump. They were suppose to be here at 8:30 today and I have yet to see them (it is is 10:53 now). The second half of payment was charged before the work was completed without asking me if I was content with the work. Many steps that were listed in the process were not done. Dispatch thinks one thing is occurring, the workers think another, and no progress to detail seems to be happening. I poured a new slab for the heat pump and they chipped it throwing the equipment around in a hurry after they showed up late. I am very disappointed so far and do not think it was worth the money. In order to meet the needs of the warranty i am forced to continue working with the company. "
M . S from Prospect, VA on January 3rd, 2014
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