How our process works . . .

     It always begins the same. Your not comfortable. This can be a very stressfull time for you and your family. Not having heat or air is enough to make the happiest person miserable. At Brian's Heating and Air Inc we like to approach things differently. First of all this never has to be you. Join our CAPP program ,maintenance, and we will gurantee this never happens to you.

     For the famlies who are already in a diliemma  today, Brian's Heating and Air Inc is here to Save the day!

1. Call or submit an online Inquiry - we need basic information to assist you. Such as name and location 
2. Scheduling - A trained service dispatcher will priortize your call and dispatch a qualified technician. We will work around your schedule please do not feel obligated to take off work. We also work Saturdays at no extra charge!
3. Arrival - Before we leave our staff will contact you to be sure you are expecting our arrival. After we have initiated contact we will be in route. Upon arrival our Technician will show up in company uniform and have busniess cards and a brief description of your problem. After our technician introduces himself to you he will likely ask for you to describe the concern in your own words.
4. Diagnostic - The technician will likely need between 20 - 30 minutes to diagnose your system. We will not only Identify your concern but we will also identify the cause of the problem. Most problems do not just occur out of the blue. After determining the cause we will further inspect every component for safety and reliability. This is all included in our diagnostic charge. We have a comprehensive checklist that ensures we dont miss a thing. The technician will then need approxamatley 10 mins to completley fill out you're invoice fully explaining the diagnosis. This will include all recommendations and special pricing for those enrolled in our CAPP program. 
5. Invoice Review - The technician will then review the invoce from start to finish to be sure you fully understand what is going on with your system and other components in your home. We often will perform an energy and safety inspection on additional items while we are there if we think you will benefit. The technician will then answer all your questions and concerns and is fully equipped to make most minor repairs on the spot. We like to use factory direct parts but in most cases our dedicated vendors will have these parts within 24 hours. 
6. Parts Ordered - If parts are ordered we will do what we can to be sure you are comfortable while we procure the parts you need. If needed we can provide secondary heat sources at no cost to you. Just another benefit of doing business with Brian's Heating and Air Inc.
7. Replacement Reccomendations - Sometimes Replacement is a better option than throwing money away to the repair process. Most of the time a Comfort Specialist will be dispatched immediatley to your home while the Tech performs a Man J load Calculation. This way the specialist has the information needed when they arrive. See Installation Process for more details. 
8. Repair - The repairs will be made when we have all the supplies to do so. Your safety is the most important thing so we want to be sure we have only the highest quality parts that are reliable. We boast the best replacement warrantee in the industry
9. Warrantee - We stand behind our parts for the life of the system. All labor is covered on our repairs for 2 years. 
10. Enjoy - While you are enjoying your certified repair please take a moment and tell others about your experience by clicking reviews and leaving us a 5 star review. If for some reason you are not satisfied please allow us the opportunity to make it right. Call our office at 434-736-9999 and ask to speak to the service manager or the customer service representative. They will rectify your concern immediatley! Our job is never complete untill you are willing to refer us to your friends and family!